About six months ago we started looking for a day care program for our sister. She has some medical problems which have contributed to her forgetfulness and memory loss. A need for a place to go a couple times a week and to be able to interact with others in a safe and caring environment was a must. 


Then we found Jaime's ADC! Not only did it meet our sister's needs, it exceeded our expectations. She has been attending twice a week for about five months now and she absolutely loves it. She is met with smiling faces who are happy to see her and she enjoys a full day of structured and fun activities. 


Who knew she would love 'Chair Zumba' and 'Table Talk' and an array of musical activities as well as visits from a special dog and a miniature pony!

Out thanks to Jaime and her wonderful staff!

Client Testimonial | Joanne R. & Anita A. | August 2019

Jaime is a caring, well-trained nurse, who is also very creative and compassionate. When I took my mother there, I was very impressed with the services they offered. It is a wonderful adult day care center, that I highly recommend.

Client Testimonial | Deborah & Keith Hennings | May 2019

My mother has been going to Jaime's since last September.  It's hard to leave a loved one in someone else's care, you always want to make sure that they are taken care of. However, there has never been a doubt in my mind that my mother is where she is supposed to be, surrounded by people who understand her needs, treat her with dignity and respect, and love her unconditionally.


Jaime and her staff truly care about my mom, they engage her as much as possible and they are attentive to her needs.  I tell Jaime she is my angel because she is just so great with my mom even though sometimes it is very challenging.  I am truly blessed to have found Jaime's Adult Day Center.

Client Testimonial | Sharon O'Brien | May 2019

Choosing to care for loved ones at home has become increasingly popular over the years, but it is not as easy as some people may think. I work in a private home setting and have had the privilege of providing professional care for Wynne, an eighty-one year old female diagnosed with vascular dementia related to a fall four years ago. The spouse chose to keep Wynne at home and acted as her primary caregiver for the first year. Eventually, this became a difficult task physically and mentally and he sought outside help. Although he had reservations about Wynne's acceptance of going to an Adult Day Center, they gave it a try on a part-time basis. 


Within a few weeks, Wynne showed a strong desire to attend and transitioned to full-time. I recently had the opportunity to inform Wynne's primary care physician of the profound impact Jaime's services have had. When the doctor asked Wynne if she was happy she replied "Yes!" without hesitation. Instead of lying on a couch watching TV without any distractions, Wynne is now looking forward to attending Jaime's Adult Day Care. 


According to Wynne, she is going to "see all of the beautiful people who love her". The staff greet her every morning with such warmth and compassion, it's no wonder she looks forward to attending. Wynne participates in all the daily activities and the stimulation has proven to be of benefit. She is able to recall certain events from the day and has a new found love for music. Her afternoon medications are administered and the staff is consistent with reporting any concerns they observe. 


It is very obvious that both owners (sisters) and professional staff have a gifted devotion for what they do. Anyone who would be reluctant to place their loved ones here can put all those speculations behind them. Wynn's spouse, who was also once hesitant, is grateful for his wife's quality of life today!


We give thanks to Jaime's Adult Day Care Services and truly admirable staff for contributing to Wynne's new and improved daily journey. 


Cristal Sisneros & Jerry Davis | Client Testimonial | June 2018 

My immediate impression of Jaime's Adult Day Center was that it is comfortable, friendly and engaging. The thoughtful, home-like touches make it feel like we were in someone's own comfortable home. The staff was thorough and extremely friendly and they are able to make amazing connections with the members. The activities available for the members are very engaging and fun. It was so great to see them getting involved, active, having fun and making close friends!


Aly Zuelsdorf | Client Testimonial | March 2018 

Google Review-Client Testimonial|July 2017


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